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Safe nootropics?

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Are there any nootropics that are safe to take with HPPD? I'm trying to get some of my cognitive ability back since the lamotrigine and clonazepam basically make me into a zombie (tapering down on the lamotrigine though, but won't be tapering off the clonazepam until March/April).


Also, the bupropion has been a failure, saw a somewhat permanent increase in some visuals (double images mostly).

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Thelm did it only make your double vision worse or did it make other visual symptoms worse? Did it work as an antidepressant? What dose were you in?

It seemingly made only the double vision worse. As for an antidepressant I can't say because I wasn't on it long enough to notice any improvement. For dosage I was at 300mg XR daily.

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