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Lucky when unlucky


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I always had this thing in my mind after i goth so many deadly accidents in my life my house where burned and i was 1month in the hospital and when i waked up i didnt regonised my parrents like my memory was erased when i continue to school i didnt know who they are all kids in my class and in the years later i goth 2 heavy car crashes and later i was fallen in a ice pool and lucky my friend took action to rescue me and recently if goth a big brain tumor wich was i lucky on a easy removeble place i was under highrisk the geth coma because of the size and when i goth hppd i just was waiting i should be lucky where i goth unluck buth this time it took a long time and i was wonder after trying something new for a cure maybe this time i should be lucky buth after all speeding uprecovery wasnt that easy

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