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Minor HPPD Gone


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Hi, introduction and at same time - hope.


Got light HPPD from various psychedelics, mostly from 4-HO-MIPT, lucy, pot. Also, abused the hell out of disassociates (still loving MXE, ket, PCP but not using). Have had minor HPPD (warping in corner of sight). Had to flush my stash 1.5 years ago because of bad trip on 4-ho-mipt - had a psychosis breakout, my sight and depth of view reduced to several inches, thought I finally broke the reality (at that point I thought that everything exists inside my brain, including external stimuli). Basically, my brain had stopped processing external information and I thought drugs finally fucked my mind and everything with it externally. Bad fucking trip. I was really close to committing suicide because it was really frightening. Got relief half hour later and understood that my brain was gonna recover, then suddenly everything came back to normal, I could see objects and others again. When came home immediately flushed all of my stuff. So after 1.5 years of abstaining from psychedelics I no longer see any warping, my hppd is 100% gone. I am very lucky that I had bad trip and never had progressed my use to higher doses and frequency. I wouldn't say I got any side effects from disassociates, though they are very addictive and far more psychedelic than traditional psychs, not as visual or beautiful, but mindfuckery is so fucking strong. Still trying to beat the urge to get MXE and ket. 

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