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Do I have HPPD?


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Hey, guess you get this kind of topics a lot here...
I'm just so worried and need to type down my symptoms and see what you guys have to say.

On new years eve I took some shrooms (golden teacher). It started out as a bad trip druing the peak but I managed to make it a good trip after the peak.


After the trip, like 2-3 days I got sick for about 4 days with fever.


About 7-8 (the first fever free day)  later I get this was feeling building up my neck/back of head and going down my sipne and out in my body. I get a feeling that the reality aint real. Or like an "unreal" feeling about everything. I'm ofc getting worried and don't know what's happeing.

It feeling like i'm about to go insane and will end up in the mental hospitol. I call the doctor they tell me to come in on a rutine-check, so I did (never told them about the shrooms). The doctor first said it might be a never in tension since it's cold outside. So all I should do is wait, I waited the weekend and it diden't get better, sunday to monday I coulden't sleep.


I call the doctor on monday again they tell me to wait some more days and says that it most likley will go over by it self.


Monday night, getting the feeling that I can't sleep again. By this time the doctor place I called before was closed so I called the emergency-pshyco place and told them my story (not the shrooms). I told them it felt like I was going insane, they told me that it most likley was a combo of anxiety and panic attacks. So I got hydroxyzine 25mg pills.


They are working, or atleast keeping the going insane feeling away. But the thing is I still got the "unreal"-feeling...

Like when this first happened, I was with my friend and I looked at him. I knew it was him, but it diden't feel like it was him...


Any thougts?

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