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Tinnitus synced in with visual stimuli

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I was laying in bed last night scrolling through my fb news feed and there was an animated gif on there which flashed very quickly and brightly. When I looked at it my tinnitus got a lot worse and seemed to turn on and off very quickly in sync with the flashing of the image. When I looked away from the image my tinnitus returned to a normal baseline level. This has made me realise that the route of my tinnitus has to be neurological. Has anyone else noticed anything similar?

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ya maybe its over sensitivity to every kind of perception like it occurs when tripping...guess this is hppd..a kind of perma trip..and like every trip their seems to be always a solution to turn it into a good one...which way it is depends on the individual...


when i had hppd i avoided everything disturbing to me...and it was a great idea

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