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Anyone wear contact lenses?

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Hey guys I have maybe for someone good news who have immense starbursts and wearing contact lenses.

After my HPPD onset I never weared contact lenses, not because of the hppd, but because I didnt need them some time, Im wearing normally glasses - "left -3 and on the right side -3.5".

For new years eve I buyed for me some contacts lenses. I drank and took much amphetamine and then I get beware that my starburts were increased. Even the cigarette burns starbursted. I thought that was because I drank and sniffed speed but the next day when I were sober, I sniffed and drank too, but the starbursts stayed at the same level.

After a few days later I wore the contacts again, this time sober - starbursts increased. With glasses - normal starbursts level.


So for them who are wearing contact lenses, I will maybe help when you change to normal glasses.  


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Do you have Astigmatism? It may be that your glasses have a cylinder component to correct your astigmatism but your contact lenses don't. Your glasses might also have an anti-reflection coating which helps to reduce glare around lights especially at night but again your contact lenses don't have that.

I wear contact lenses and glasses and I do notice that I get more star burst around lights with my contact lenses. The eyes are just optical systems and all optical systems can experience aberrations particularly at night when your pupils are large.

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