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Bupropion (Wellbutrin): So far so good

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Well, I'm on day 5 of bupropion, and so far so good. No aggravation in visuals and no unpleasant side effects like I had with SSRIs (with SSRIs I couldn't even make it past the first 3 days, felt extremely agitated, severe insomnia, a very odd stoned feeling half-way through the day, increased visuals, severe DP/DR).


I'm hoping bupropion goes well considering it's an NDRI/NDRA, so in theory it shouldn't affect visuals and might even attenuate them.


I'm at 200mg/day right now and I'll be at 300mg/day (extended release) about midway through next week.


My only concern is the potential for seizures as right now I'm currently being tested for temporal lobe epilepsy, but I'm on a relatively high dose of extended release lamotrigine (400mg/day) plus a high dose of clonazepam (2mg/day, but I'll hopefully be starting my taper in the next couple or so months), so seizure risk should be minimal.

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