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hello everyone

Ming Xiao

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My name is Mark, I'm 23 years old. I took the drugs just twice, 3 years ago. I have got HPPD and emotional problems because of it. I would like to know to deal with this. What helps you? At the moment I'm taking medicines such as Clonazepam and Citalopramum. What should i do, any good diet? I'm totally newbie so i will be grateful for any advice.

My symptoms: I have big problems with my concentration, it's hard for me to concentrate my eyesight on something, view melts.I'm angry that i can't read as usual. I know that people have much worse hppd.

Do I have bigger chance to cure? Beside in opinion of my doctor i have got anxiety syndrome and depression.

Personally i run a lot and i exercise my brain. I solve sudoku and other puzzles and it helps me.

Is it possible to be totally cured? My doctor said that isn't possible but HPPD is unknown term in my country.

Excuse me for my poor english i believe that what i said is understood for you guys

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Getting better depends on how bad you have it and how you live now to better your health. Since it has stayed with you for 3 years now, it is being 'stubborn'. A few questions:

In what ways does Citalopramum actually help you?

How much of each med are you taking each day?

What other meds have you tried?

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I did not know that something like HPPD exist. My last doctor said that i have got epilepsy, another that im just depressed. After 3 years i noticed that i have HPPD, I consulted on this matter 3 days ago with my present doctor. So i can't answer you in what way does citalopramum helps me, because it works after 4 weeks

20mg citalopramum once at the morning 1mg clonazepam at the morning and evening.

Generally blurred vision really bother me i feel like a brainless person.For example I'm reading a book what is hard for me and suddenly I can not concentrate on one word. Concentration costs me a lot of effort. I quit school, I'm jobless, in depression and i got social fears. Now i have to go abroad to work. I don't think that i can handle it.

I forgot - clonazepam makes me calm, that's all.

Thanks for your time

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