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Watery yellow liquid dripping from nose

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Ok so I had a cold last week so I'm hoping this symptom is related to that. I just felt like I had a nose bleed but when I wiped my nose it was bright almost luminous yellow watery liquid and it was literally dripping out of my nose. I read online that it could be cerebrospinal fluid. Has anyone else had this problem before?

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The first thought is, you have a cold.  The luminous part is weird.  Food additives?  Cold medicines?  Love Canal?


The Jeopardy! answer would be: Who is I Am The Walrus?  


But seriously, If you think that (CSF leak) might be the problem, see a doctor immediately.  You don't want to fulfill the above lyrics, namely "Yellow matter custard, dripping from a dead dog's eye".


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Lol no I don't want that. I am hoping it's just a sinus infection from my cold that has been released. I can't explain the weird colour though that actually stained the skin of my hand like iodine. I haven't had any weird medicines or foods. If it happens again I will go to the doctor. I have been having bad headaches lately as well. When you have HPPD you shit yourself and link them together.

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