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Floaters from hell


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floaters are my most prominent symptom, a couple things have died off after a year with hppd, after images, and halos.


I have terrible floaters all the time, I was wondering if anybody knew anything i could do to help alleviate them.


I can ignore them to some degree, but they still bug me on a daily basis. 


all feed back is welcome!

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Have you been to the Optican since you developed this problem? An increase in floaters should definitely be checked out especially if it's accompanied with flashing lights or loss or distortion of vision. Have you had any blows / knocks to the head recently? Do you require spectacle correction for your eyesight? It may be that HPPD has made you more sensitive to your floaters. If that is the case then time should slowly reverse your sensitivity to them.

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I've been to my eye doctor recently, I do wear glasses and contacts I just got all new stuff, when I first got hppd, I use to get headaches all the damn time, I don't anymore. Also I have not suffered any hits to the head within recent memory haha. I only see floaters outside not indoors usually. They haven't been as bad recently but they were terrible a few months ago

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