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Tegretol trial

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Yesterday was my first day in Tegretol, it is an anti epileptic med that works by blocking sodium channels and is a Gaba agonist, important to note it has light snri properties. I chose this med because several others (including Dr.Abraham) have said it works. I've started on 50mg, which is a very low dose, yesterday was my first day and it was very interesting. My visuals were noticeably reduced, about 30% but it made me uncomfortable and depersonalized. My first night sleeping on it was very weird, I woke up and my mind made up this weird scenario and I saw this thing, don't want to go into detail but I believe I had a full on hallucination, a light one though. I will continue with this med for a while longer to see if these side effects dissipate, dispite these side effects it's important to note that it's working.

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You wil keep dissapointed with meds i can save you a lot time and pain i tryd over 10 meds venlafaxine,effexor,keppra,depakine

Risperdal,invega,sertraline,buspuripon,and a few more.

All meds have side effects to find the best one that helps is a big journey if you not lucky

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