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Drinks, Anxiety and possible side effects


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Hi, I get massive headaches after having a few drinks. When I have 2 glasses of wine it feels like I had 10 beers the next morning. Just wondering how it is for you guys?!

I also have constant neck tension/pain. I'm still trying to figure out if this is due to HPPD or the stress/anxiety I'm in. Any experience? I also feel nauseas and have a strange sensation in my stomach (like motion sickness e.g. when I'm walking around or when I'm dizzy). I didn't find a lot about this on the forum. Do you think this is related to strained nerves or a common symptom of HPPD? Thanks!!

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For a while I had really back neck pain as well. I think it just has something to do with our vision being so messed up and in turn our sense of balance. Exercise made mine go away completely. 


I haven't had a drink in six months and don't plan to have one anytime soon. Once I'm fully healed I'll tip a few back and see what happens. My best advice would be to go sober. 


Dizziness is pretty common. Seems to go hand in hand with the neck pain, sense of balance being thrown off by all the swirling and moving objects in our vision. A few weeks ago I actually had to pull over while driving because I was so dizzy. Sugar, caffeine, junk food and of course alcohol and sleep deprivation all play a big role in this as well. As long as you eat healthy you should keep your dizziness at bay. 

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My take on this is its related to muscle tension.  This is and has been a huge problem for me since the beginning.  I discovered this through seeing a chiropractor, when I was complaining of joint pain and constant joint cracking, we found my joints were healthy and not the problem.  My tendons however were extremely tight.  I theorize it's related to changes in the connective tissue.  I also get a lot of chest tightness I used to think was heart-related pain, and thankfully I was wrong.  The balance issues could be explained by the tension in these tissues putting pressure on the inner ear and surrounding areas.  The tension hits any and all parts of my body from my head/neck down to my feet.


I also had the same problem with alcohol and had to quit.  2 beers was a terrible hangover for days.

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