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The power of keeping a diary


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Does anybody keep a diary? I would suggest considering it. Writing is proven to be very therapeutic. It can help us cope during tough times and put life into perspective as we progress in age.


Perfect example:


I'm rummaging through past notes that I started taking a few months after getting HPPD and it's quite startling how bad I was and how much I've forgotten about the severity of the mental state I was in. I have lots of notes but one that caught my eye says, "There is something comforting about lying on the floor when in the throes of an altered mental state -- gravity is the collector of the dead." 


Though I'd be lying if I said after seven months I still don't have suicidal ideation, what's also true is that the difference between the person I am now and the person who wrote the above note is immense. Just five months ago I was so distraught that was lying on the floor of my room thinking about nothing but dying. I now have two jobs, an apartment, I'm going on dates and I'm physically in the best shape I've been in for years. 


HPPD recovery is extremely slow and extremely painful. But I urge everyone to keep fighting. As long as you stay healthy I truly believe you will get better. It just takes a lot of time. 


Though I have a long ways to go it's moments like these that make me realize that life is worth living and that I can never give up -- all thanks to a diary. 

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Yes. I keep one. It helps in the bad times as it is therapeutic and also when you're going through a shit time you can look back and read about times when it was affecting you less and that gives me strength.

Been having a crap time lately, stress at work which has been impacting hppd. The diary reminds me of better times at the start of the year or even about good days ive had. Reminds me that 'this too shall pass' and how times whem ive been doing well are also times im working out hard, meditating, spending time with friends, things that have fallen on the back burner recently for me and i need to get back on with

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