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Can I still get DP/DR?

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Hey guys,

my HPPD lasts for maybe 6 weeks and it still get worse.

First I got Visual Snow, 2 weeks later tinnitus and now low negative afterimages, big halos, starbursts, slight tracers but luckily not so strong from light sources and the last discovered symptom are a light circled patterns in my view. And my light sensivity increased.

Luckily now I dont get anxienty and accepted it.

I workout, talk with persons like ever maybe a bit confidenter than before and slowly put up with my tinnitus. And that after that few weeks. :) I think that I have a very strong personality.

But my only fear is, that the visual symptoms are getting worse, so the depersonalization and derealization are able to come abrupt too.

Can I still talk of mild hppd?

I´m shitting on this visual symptoms, Im able to function like ever so why I should have to worry.

How big is the chance to get with a stable mind DP/DR? Please be honest guys. ;)

I in my life only 3 times shrooms max 2g and 2 times 1p-LSD with max 100ug (the 2. time within the beginning of the tinnitus, I dont know if it was the trigger to worse my hppd). And smoked for 2 months once in my life synthetic cannabinoids and overdosed it - the result was a shizophrenic bad trip but Im finished with it. I think was the trigger for my hppd.

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