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Has anybody tried it? Any for and against? I have seen one person online saying it helps her with HPPD recovery.


I am thinking to try it.. but has anyone heard anything about it or tried it? I know that antipsychotics are contraindicated, but maybe not all. I really like what this guy said about speeding up the hppd recovery..

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Yes i am using a antipsygotic to named deanxit its year 3 now and i am doing pretty good in the first 2 years didnt help so much buth after i add sport i cured pretty well i am on the lowest dose now and i have a plan to tapper of very slowly i tryed cold turkey and it was horribel i didnt past the 3 day even i am on the lowest dose i quickly continue taking and recoverd 2 days later

and yea my libido is dead since i am taking it

i hope i cant quit this time and dont know if my hppd wil come back in full force i hope i dont need to take in the rest of my life buth its works differently for everybody buth the side effects in the begining was awful

I dont think its speeding up the recovery by taking it only maybe if you add sport wat i did maybe then it wil work buth i dont know what its realy does in the background in the brain i am scared for that

I started with invega,risperdal and the last deanxit now for 1.2 years the first 5 months i didnt notice any improvment so i am sure its the sport thats realy helped

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Ok i tried it for one day and one day off and then again same pattern - to see if I have any bad reaction to it. I thought it improved something. Few days later I did slightly higher doses than before (only 25mg) for 2 days in a row.. It worsened my HPPD in a way that I can't think well , now im just running away from any mental work... So my suggestion don't bother with quetiapine.

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