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OTC and prescription cough medicines

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So, I have an excruciatingly bad cough right now and am in dire need of relief (not to mention I have asthma along with this).


Right now my only options are OTC cough medicines  that contain DXM (not really fond of this) and of course your typical promethazine/codeine syrup (more keen to take this, but the promethazine I'm not really fond of because it's an antihistamine).


My other option is benzonatate. It's a topical/local anesthetic similar to other ones like novacaine and tetracaine. As far as I know, it isn't psychoactive so it shouldn't interfere with my HPPD and therefore this is the option I would like to pursue the most. Supposedly it works by decreasing the sensitivity of certain receptors in the lower airway and lungs which in turn reduces the autonomic cough response. Also, according to my dad, it's a miracle pill because it stops a cough dead in its tracks almost instantly (he's been to rehab multiple times and this is the only cough suppressant they give addicts since it has no potential for abuse)


Problem is, I won't be able to get this until tomorrow since all the urgent care clinics are closed now where I live and I really don't want to hit up the ER (my last visit cost me ~$1800 for a 4 hour stay wherein I only received 5 stitches, an injection of some weird, but highly effective local anesthetic, a chat with the county DMHP, and suicide watch for the duration of my stay).


Anyways, will I be fine if I take an OTC cough medicine until I can get into a clinic tomorrow? I don't plan on taking a massive amount of it, either the recommended dose or half that. I already tried half a dose earlier today and it didn't seem to affect my HPPD, but it didn't help much either.





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