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Help want tapering of anti psygotics


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The reason i want geth off this med is because of my sport performance,libido dont geth better, my heart bit is alrdy on 110 when i am doing nothing i cant run 5 min when i am running outside after 1 year training in the gym its a shame,first i thought it was because of smoking buth after i quit no changes noticed

I use deanxit on lowest dose problem is i cant cut the pill i have anhoter option i have 1mg risperdal 50 pills buth i dont know of its save to switch to ridperdal buth if i cut it in 4 i became to 0.37 mg of deanxit i am using right now 0.5 mg buth its combined with 10 mg anti deppresant dont know what to do with that if i switch to risperdal

I tryed cold turkey and it was no option

My plan with deanxit is set a timer the first start with 26 hours and every day i want to add 2 more hours so every 12 days i tapper of one day no dose whats your advice about that if you have one?

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I think risperdal is a lot harder drugs to come off buth if i switch to risperdal the 10mg of anti depressant in deanxit i need to stop with it cold turkey

I am some one likes cold turkey buth with anti psychotics are dangerous for me buth what you think about the timer i know its nothing regulary

I its a round hard pill i try to crush it buth its not easy to work with micrograms

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Risperdal works differently than deanxit, if you quit deanxit and go into risperdal you will still have all the withdrawal symptoms and feel weird because your body will be withdrawaling from deanxit, just crush the pill and take less, untill it's such a little amount you can just cold turkey

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No i didnt discus with my doctor he told me i should take it for 10 years atleast i dont wanna live with no libido no longer

So it didnt have a point to go

Mr50 i tryed cold turkey its to insane i am using 3 years now and i didnt had witdrawl from switching form risperdal to deanxit i think if i reswitch this time i will geth

If i crush it how i am gonna tapper of correctly

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