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Down to about 3 symptoms

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Second post of the day but I just wanted to let you guys know!

it's been about two or so months since my onset of mild hppd and I have to say it's been a trip! I experienced many symptoms that I thought would never subside but I just wanted to say that I'm down to just 3 or so now! Halos/star bursts on car headlights, street lights, after images/floaters (which most people have so hoping it'll subside soon) and mild tinnitus.

I've stayed away from all drugs besides the occasional drink or so and have been really trying to eat healthy and nutritious foods. Sometimes I'll even forget I have theses symptoms so I'm seeing the end of the tunnel here hopefully!

Thanks for your guy's help, you've helped me stay sane and keep me grounded in my situation. Let me know if you need any advice or anything!!

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I've noticed this too, how as you go on certain symptoms die off while others take longer and linger around. For me, trailers following moving objects, brain fog, visual snow, macropsia and a slow frame rate are the five that still affect me more than anything. I notice these pretty much every day still, but not too much and as long as I stay busy then hardly at all. I also still have small traces of paranoia, depression, etc., but these are rare and only once every few weeks or so. I figure in a few months I'll be down to three or four, then just a few and sometime within the new year I'll be fully back to normal, just judging by the rate at which my symptoms are improving. It's still a struggle but I'm very grateful to see as much improvement as I have. No drugs, hardcore exercise, staying busy, meditating and eating right has been my recipe for success. 

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db123 im so glad for you...i hope you will beat it ..when i compare your situation to mine..im sure you will be cured one day..it took me about 4 1/2 month (i had it pretty bad, it was a true nightmare) to vipe away hppd and it started with the decrease of symptoms...sounds like your chances are good...


so good luck man..get well 

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