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Neurologist advice


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After many cancelations I finally have my first neurologist appointment on Tuesday, I will be discussing my hppd with the neurologist for the first time and my mom will be at my side. Guys, I need meds, I know the chance of them not working is still a possibility but I don't care I have to try keppra and I need to now. I need advice on how to convince my neuro to prescribe me keppra and how to explain to her what hppd is

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If I were you I'd just collect a packet of information from Wikipedia, here at HPPDonline, etc., and just print it out. That's what I did but my doctor already knew about HPPD. If you feel you need meds then try and find posts from this forum that talk about their benefits and print that out as well. My guess is that if your mom's there then you shouldn't have any problem. 

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