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Worried about Lamictal (Lamotrigine)


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I'm trying Lamotrigine but I'm a little worried about possible side-effects. I'm wondering not only about people's experiences with effectiveness but about side-effects. I'm also concerned that some seem to have reported the drug making their symptoms worse. Any input would be very welcome.

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Lamotrigine seems to be used pretty widely across the HPPD spectrum, and also the mental health spectrum in general. I know it's used to treat a lot of different types of patients with different types of mood disorders, and often with great success. I used it for three weeks. It made my depression virtually disappear and I was actually pretty happy during this time. Unfortunately it made my visuals a lot worse and to the point I couldn't handle it any more. Everyone's different though and it does seem to have a good track record with a lot of HPPD cases. I think a lot probably depends on how severe your HPPD is and what your symptoms are. Specifically it made my trailers and streamers a lot worse. 


If you want to try meds, I think Lamotrigine is probably a good one to turn to. Just be sure you monitor carefully how your symptoms are before and after. And the good thing is Lamotrigine doesn't stay in your system for too long so if you decide you want to go off it you can do so right away. 

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Wow, really? I guess I probably shouldn't advise people to try it then. I've always heard good things about it from the general community and even though it didn't help me I thought it couldn't do any harm given how my symptoms improved immediately after going off it. 


Have you told anybody about what happened to you? That seems pretty bad and I think doctors should probably be aware. 

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