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need to get benzos prescribed

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hey there.. after a bad time having hppd....i still have panic disorder and i want to get benzos just in case i get a panic attack.


now it seems impossible for me to get them prescribed due to my drug past..my neurologist always tells me she doesnt want me to be addicted to something again...but i really want to have some on hand since my panic attacks are mostly overwhelming cause i only get them when i smoke a little more than a microdose of weed or pretty strong material.


please help me...and please dont tell me i shouldnt smoke...i dont care what people think about my beloved habits.

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ssris cause me panic attacks...i got various ssris prescribed..and they always send me to hell even in micro doses.


and my doctor psychiatrist/psychologist and neurologist said they wont prescribe me something with addiction potential


if i get benzos i dont want to use them every day or so..just in case of a panic attack

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