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Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum.


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Hello everyone, I began to experience the HPPD symptoms this year.   I'm not sure what caused it, I did take marijauna on few occations when I was in high school (20 years ago), but one trip end up in the hospital because I think it might be laced with rat poison because I remember I temporarily lost some vision on my left eye.  Since that time, I begain feeling a numbness at the back of my head, around the cerebellum area.  Even today, everytime I shake my head, I feel numb in that area too. 


Around 15 years ago, I moved to China.  I was hopitalized there twice because I drank some fake beer/red wine from the bar there.  Since then, I developed the snowy vision.  I think I have that breathing wall symptom too; A variant of that sort.  When I look at an object, I see part of it kind of twist, bent, and wave.  For example, if I look at this webpage. I would see the screen's left side slightly tilt up, and the right side slightly tilt down, and then vice versa continuously.  


But this year, my snowy vision got worse.   I day dream very often, sometimes I feel like I'm still dreaming during the day.  And I often feel numb at the back of my head, and occationally, when I feel a strong numbing sensation at the back my my head (the cerebellum area), I started to panic, my hands and feet would go numb and cold, and the vision snow flared up significantly.  I can't concentrate, and just anxiety upon anxienty.


Just one last note, I've had two panic attack this year.  And I just noticed it happened right after I took 10ML of fish oil (certain US brand) for few days.  And after taking it for few days, the panic episode really hammered me. And twice I felt numb on my hands and feet, lost part of the vision due to vision snow, and started shaking. 


Only the last couple of days, I started researching about my symptoms and found this forum.  I'm glad I found a place to share my expereience with and to learn from.  I haven't start on any supplements yet.  But I did order some alcar and NAC, hopefully it will help detox my brain.  And that's my story.

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