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Introduction- Light Side Effects


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Hello all. I accidentally stumbled upon this forum while searching Google. I'm 17 if it helps. 


From the time period of around 2.5 years ago to a few months ago I have taken both 25i and 25c. I don't remember which trip it was, but I believe it was actually only a light(er) dosage of 25c a year ago that triggered side effects for me. Every time I took these chemicals, I had the same onset visuals and often saw a green/purple coloring. I believe it was that lighter dosage, because when I was coming down I felt depressed and sought to reform my life. I can't remember well, but I think this was the trip that changed how I see the world.


Although many with HPPD report persisting visuals heavier than what I have experienced, I still believe I have a form of HPPD. I have problems with color, where I'll see a lot of purples and greens and it intensifies if I'm stressed, tired, or if I smoke (I'll address smoking later). I have some problems with shadow or thinking someone is there when no one is around. Sometimes I'll experience the same onset visuals as when I took 25x if I'm very stressed. I'll ocassionaly see breathing floors and walls, but for the most part I just have problems with color.


Smoking weed when I haven't in a while (two weeks plus) causes some pretty bad visuals and hallucinations. I'll smoke a few bowls for the first time in a while, and I'll feel an intense paranoia accompanied by auditory hallucinations that only strengthen my paranoia. I'll hear the people I'm with start talking about me and if I stand up and walk around I'll start having fractal visuals similar to those of my onset on 25x. If I start smoking more often, these effects diminish and I no longer get the extreme paranoia. The visuals will persist (yet are much weaker) and because of this I try not to smoke much but find myself buying a gram once in a while. I also experience visuals if I am anxious when smoking or am uncomfortable with the people I'm with.


The last time I tripped (around June I think), I was given what was apparently LSD-25 or "pure" acid. It had no taste and was very weak, yet I experienced the same visuals. I had taken acid once before 25i and had an amazing experience and this was nothing like it. I can't completely remember how I felt physically, but I think I may have felt the dizziness accompanied with NBOMe. I do not know if this was truly acid or if it's possible it was tasteless 25i. I will never willingly take NBOMe again, but I just wish to experience LSD the same as the first trip.


I've always had bad anxiety, but it's intensified since I've gotten visuals. I haven't felt the same and still sometimes feel as if life is a lie or was designed- I don't really know how to describe this but it's gotten worse. 


I used to take an SSRI (sertraline), and it helped a bit with anxiety and minor depression but I stopped taking it because it caused some heartburn. I take Seroquel 25mg every night, but it's for insomnia. I've never talked to a doctor on HPPD, and I don't see myself doing so.


I know my side effects are not as extreme as many here, but it's still a bother and has altered my life. Let me know if you have any insight or can relate to anything I've described as it would be very helpful to even know anyone who has HPPD from NBOMe. 



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Hello and welcome.

First of all need to stop smoking weed immediately! With the signs you are showing you need to take this very seriously. This can't be stressed enough. Don't fool yourself into thinking you can keep it up.

Secondly, stop experimenting with psychedelics. The 25x series is particularly bad, but so is lsd, mushrooms and mdma. In the end these compounds take you nowhere you can't go without in your spiritual life. On contrary psychedelics can be delusional and cause great physical and mental trauma. There is no such thing as that great psychedelic experience that suddenly changes your life to something awesome, so please try to just let go of it and move on with your life.

Now, you're young and your symptoms don't sound too harsh. Your brain is still developing and you have a great chance of recovery. But its time for you to start taking your life seriously. Listen to the people on here and take their advice.

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