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Switching between SSRIs

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Saw my doc recently and he wants me to switch from Paxil (which I've been on for 15 years) to Lexapro. The Paxil used to help with anxiety and depression, but has since stopped.

My visuals and headaches all started up again or worsened about 7 months ago and they are still getting worse.

Do you have any suggestions for switching from one SSRI to another? He wants me to just stop one and start the other but I fear withdrawal effects. Do I need to cross taper??

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i used a few ssri's for 3 months each and every time i goth no results buth witdrawl i goth was shocks in the head for a few days buth every body gets anhoter witdrawl

i dont think your visuals wil go wors buth your psychial condition can make feel everything is going wors

i am using now korean ginseng with 5% ginsengoids when i use i geth a spontanus effect a better and fresh mood buth my mood is alrdeay ok i using it for beter memory buth the fresh mood was a bonus i didnt expected

i wil continiu ginseng for short term

and i have read scientific study improvment for the blood flow in the brain with ginkgo for in the longterm containing 24% flavonoids and 6% terpenoids


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Read your post earlier.

I have been on Paxil 15+ years. I've tried switching and discontinuing many times with no success. My hppd seemed to be under control for at least the past 10 years.

(I had stopped smoking pot).

Was under high stress and smoked pot again for first time in 8 years about 8 months ago. I started getting trails, severe light sensitivity, headaches, afterimages, etc. soon after smoking again.

I'm still on Paxil and my doc wants to switch to something else, assuming the Paxil just stopped helping.

Was also put on a slew of other meds for hppd with no help.

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