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First Off if you are taking herbs and other meds that are working for you I'M NOT PROMOTING BENZO'S! I AM NOT SAYING YOU HAVE TO GO ON BENZO'S.  Everyday I wish I did not have to take these drugs....but sofar it's the only thing that works for me.  I've tried every herbal anxiety med to the point of spending hundreds of dollars at the THE VITAMIN SHOP.  AND SORRY SOME OF US CAN'T JUST GO IN TO A DR's office and say I have HPPD give me SINEMET and KEPPRA cause I'm still tripping.  GOOD LUCK WITH THAT....Some of us don't have the funds or the insurance or the time to go DR. to DR. trying to tell them what HPPD is.  Cause lets face it any illness you know your body better than ANYONE!  


The Problem with benzos are two things TOLERANCE AND ADDICTION.


So when you see a psych that is willing to help you with your HPPD or LETS BE HONEST SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO STRETCH THE TRUTH.  MAYBE LEAVE THE HPPD OUT OF IT AND SAY I had bad incident happen to me and my anxiety is OUT OF CONTROL.   Sometimes HPPD throws DR's off and they just see "DRUG SEEKER"  So stick with just symtomns.  GAD...General Anxiety Disorder...Panic Attacks.




1.)  YOU ARE NOT IN CHARGE OF YOUR MEDS!  What I mean is these are EXTREMELY habit forming.  Pretty Soon you MIGHT not always take it when your HPPD is BAD but not so bad you need another dose.  So I advise you to let someone you trust handle them.   Parents.  Wife. Girlfriend.  Someone you that know you and knows when you can have your next dose.


2.)  BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF-  Do you need one?  Or do you want one?  And if you can't decide then see rule#1


3.) TOLERANCE- The problem with benzo's is not just addiction but tolerance pretty soon it just doesn't have the same effects that's why you have to deal with either not taking it and seeking coping mecs or herbs with or work a Cognitive therapist.  You might have to split your meds in half.  Remember be honest with yourself.


4.) Klonopin or Xanax-  Let's be honest your gonna want the Xanax or Alprazalam.  The problem with this is Xanax is short acting and gives sometimes a euphoric high that is dangerous.  Klonopin is longer acting and might as well still be habit forming it's just better of the two.


5.) WEED SMOKERS-  Alot of us already know weed is not the same anymore...it increases our HPPD.  For those of you that can still smoke and enjoy it (HONESTLY) I congratulate you cause you are VERY RARE AND LUCKY!  So with your Benzo medications the anxiety will subside and you might feel like you can smoke again.  DON'T!  Who ever is prescribing these meds is taking a chance that you will not violate their policies which usually include no illegal drugs.  SO EXPECT DRUG TESTS!  If you want to figure out how to smoke and take benzo's and beat your drug tests...YOUR ON YOUR OWN!


6.)  BENZO AREN'T FOR EVERYONE-  Simply sometimes the urge to take more is just to aggravating and your in charge of your meds and your not being honest with yourself and then you have a problem. 


7.)  THIS WON'T BE EASY-  The problem is we want to feel good all the time.  For some of us like me our HPPD is 24/7.   Somedays your meds won't do what they once did.  OR you take them when some trajedy happens and convince yourself you deserve it.  NO.  You have to take it when your HPPD is getting to the point where you can't take it.  Well thats everyday?  NO!  Someday's are gonna be worse than others cause life moves on and sadly HPPD is not gonna be the only bad thing that happens to you.


8.) ARE BENZO's THE ONLY CURE?-  Benzo's are NOT a CURE!  They are simply a sometimes necessary MASK and that's all that they are.  A good diet and excersize and learning to function in society better takes more than just anxiety meds.  


I might get a lot of bad responses for the this message but DIFFERENT STROKES FOR DIFFERENT FOLKS.  



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