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Hello i'm suffering intensely after taking acid 2 months ago, the two main problems that i am having are deep derealisation and severe pareidolia.

I cannot look at a tree or cloud without seeing a monstrous face in it.

I am in a state of constant anxiety, cannot leave my house alone, i also get really creeped out by the mildest things like a photo of a baby or a misshapen tree.

All the colours i percieve are vivid and agressive and textures seem unreal.


I took ecstasy two days before the lsd but since it was my first time i only took one third of a blotter to be safe.

Turns out it was strong acid because i was pretty out there.


I would like to ask if anyone has/had similar effects and how they treated/coped with them.


I'm really on the edge it sucks how much this experience has impacted my life.


I'm really hoping theres a way to get over this.


All comments will be much appreciated.







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Do you plan on continuing those drugs? Because if you do, those symptoms may get worse. I recommend you try to stay away from any type of drug if you want to minimize this, try to run from drugs. My effects have been extreme anxiety periods, tracer effects and taiday(typo maybe) patterns and colors in a dark room. My personal coping process is through prayer to GOD. It helps me, but I still have been getting them effects.

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I had pretty bad derealization for the first month of HPPD. It's really tough to live in a world you can't understand. And it certainly can be scary.


My advice:


First, read this board. There's all kinds of success stories and theories for how to get better. As long as you don't do any drugs (including alcohol and caffine), work out as much as you can, eat right and see a doctor you'll give yourself a good chance to improve.


Second, just try and remember that what you're seeing isn't real. I know it's much easier said than done, but this helped me at first. You have to remember that what your seeing is simply a reflection of the chemical imbalance in your brain. But it is not real. None of it.


Lastly, try as hard as you can to separate your emotions from your visual symptoms. Do not associate hallucinatinos with anxiety, fear, pain, etc. When you do that you create a cycle, a cycle wherein every time you have a visual you then associate a negative emotion with it which then creates panic and therefore more visuals and more negative emotions until you become engulfed in a cyclone of paranoia and negativity and start to feel as if you're totally going insane. Try and meet your visuals with a positive attitude, as a passerby, as a friend. See them, wave, aknolwege them, and realize that they cannot hurt you no matter how scary they may appear. They are simply there, hanging out. If you can begin to truly live with your deepest darkest fears without negatively reacting to them you will start to feel in control, and when it comes to HPPD that's a huge step forward.

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thanks for the support, and sorry 4 the late post, i was getting too obsessed so i stopped going on the website for a while 

I've been given chlomipramine witch seems to help with anxiety, i think my symptoms are getting a little better,

I'm seeing a doctor who thinks i should try various medical treatments, i'll be sure to report if any are effective.

It´s still pretty hard, this derealisation really put things into perspective, how fragile and personal reality really is.

best regards

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