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London Marathon 2016


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I have just received confirmation of entry to run the London marathon in April 2016 for cancer research. I thought I would start a topic because of the affect it has had on my hppd. Last week I felt very mentally ill and had a horrible body load feeling every day and insomnia. Since I have found out that I am going to be running in the London marathon I feel completely different and a lot (not all) of my symptoms have calmed right down and my anxiety levels have dropped massively. I have started a regular running routine and I feel so much better for it. I think the combination of the exercise, routine activity and the goal itself are a perfect distraction and offer great relief. I also love the fact that I am running for a great charity as this is helping me to overcome the guilt that I still feel from dabbling with psychedelics. I feel like this is the beginning of my path to recovery. I would reccommemd to anyone with hppd to set themselves a goal. It can be anything but try and make it a longer term goal. It will distract your attention away from your symptoms and give you a great chance of recovery. Anyone else got any goals at the moment?

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yes me to buth my goal was to recover with sports i run,walk,swim,cykle,go to the gym i concentred me do so much posible and every 3 months i did notice huge improvment and its now 4 months passed that i feel great and enjoying life again and dont feel trippy anymore only have somtimes dr

my recovery procces in 10 months was incredible

in the first 3 years my recovery was very poor

having a goal for sure its a good tool the speed up recovery if you past the first month you wil keep advancing

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