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Minocycline - headaches/pressure


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So I STILLLL have no idea what I'm dealing with - pure HPPD, HPPD flare with associated migraines, HPPD + new daily persistent headache, HPPD + Lyme disease, just visual snow syndrome, a CSF leak??

All I know is that I've tried a few different meds to try and control the headaches since they started 7 months ago. None seem to have helped...

-Lamictal: up to 100 mg daily. While on it, my headaches may have improved slightly. Also, my light sensitivity may have lessened. However, while on it, I noticed my afterimages changed from a faded white to clear complimentary colors, so I slowly weaned off it.

-Verapamil ER: up to 120 mg daily. Went on this after Lamictal. I was also on a slew of supplements at the same time (lions mane, B2, B12, magnesium chelate, coq10, and fish oil). I was on this for 6 weeks and again, only saw steady worsening.

-Nadolol: on 40 mg daily. Started to see a new headache specialist and he thought beta blockers were a better option for what he thinks is NDPH. He also thinks I do not have HPPD, but pure Visual Snow Syndrome, likely onset by migraine. He thinks I probably won't be able to successfully treat the visuals, but should be able to get he headaches under control. If only!!!

So I also saw a Lyme specialist who thinks I probably have Lyme. I tested positive on the initial screen twice. But the western blot was negative both times - not a single positive band. This all started around a time of high stress and a time when I felt sort of ill with a viral illness. Also, I had smoked pot for the first time in years 1-2 months before the headaches kicked in. The headaches feel like they are deep in my head, like behind my sinuses. MRI was negative. Had an MRA of my neck today. I want an MRI with contrast.

This Lyme specialist wants to put me on Minocycline for an extended period. He believes it will definitely help me. Interestingly enough, Minocycline and doxycycline are both used to treat NDPH with some success.

I fear trying anything else. I'm so sick of being on meds, but something's gotta give. I'm hoping someone here may have SOME idea as to what I'm suffering with. I don't have fevers or a rash. No significant joint pain. Just a headache, usually right sided, severe light sensitivity, and bad negative afterimages.

So what do you think??

HPPD? HPPD with a 'twist' of Lyme? With migraines? Just VSS? NDPH??

Any thoughts on Minocycline? The new doc also suggested I get off Paxil, which I've been on for 15 Years. He suggested I try Effexor, but I've read too many horror stories. So we discussed transitioning to something with a longer half life like Prozac.

I just wanna be done with this headache. Ahhhhhh.

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hi why you dont try to walk 1 hour atleast a day its creats wonders for brain chemistry and dopamine and other neurotransmitters are you not tired to try meds or supps with no results

i did that and after 3 months i realy notice a big improvement in most of my symptoms

even for the most disorders the drug company developted not a succesfull drug

for complex disorders

the brain knows the best way to recover

i give you 100 precent you dont wil do it for nothing

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soon as you back home you wil geth back to baseline buth every time you do you wil improve your health more and more

if not i gues we need to realize there is no better treatment then sport because the best way to create dopamine and all other stuff in the brain is this way

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