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Great video. Thanks umit!


I've only been on two different medications so I don't feel like an authority on this issue, but I do totally agree with your premise. There is no cure for HPPD. Medication only alleviates the symptoms temporarily (if at all -- in many cases it seems to make things worse), and once you go off them you're right back to where you started. The only "cure," as far as I can tell, is time, and when you add frequent exercise, eating healthy and all that good stuff you will likely speed up your recovery rate just a bit.


From my personal experience, literally the day I started exercising I began to feel better. And once I got into a routine and off meds, there was a month or so where I felt better every single day. That's amazing from the standpoint of HPPD, considering this often takes years to heal. Also, sports and rigorous exercise are the best forms of working out. Sports exercises your brain in an amazing way, activating all sorts of different pathways that you need to start firing in order to heal. And same for rigorous exercise. I'd really be interested in seeing the effects of long-distance running on HPPD. I run about three miles four to five days a week and it definitely helps. I'm seeing results already. But I do think it's important to push yourself. For example, I went on a 12 mile (20 k) hike today into the mountains and for a long time didn't even notice any symptoms at all. Obviously it didn't make them go away, but it made me feel really good, almost normal, even if it was only for a few hours. And every time I hike I always feel really good the next day too.


Anyway, thanks for the video. Glad to see you're doing well again.

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yea man key to succes i to keep doing exercise walking running all thing with cardio based and also keep stay bizzy you will do it automaticly if you doining a lot of sport when you enoufg healed then you can slow down because you realy healed this is not somthing temporily and you can enjoy life again and you need to be carreful because we are sensetive

and i think if you keep doining like this you will be healed to

i did lot walks of 10 miles and sometimes i change one day i did swimming oter day runing, cycling walking i was realy puting my self to the best i could and i feel the effect imeadadly after work out and also in long term

txn for comment

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