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Ibuprofen (cox-inhibitor) - some interesting results


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I am not sure about this one but i got really sick and i never take pain killers due to the strange nature of this dissease. Anyway i remember that ibuprofen was something i took once when i was food pisoned and it did not aggrevate my symptoms So anyway, now i needed to take it for a couple of days and feeling very comfy. I have been pretty much symptom free with my other meds but i went on the y-tube and started looking for some old videos that i do not longer watch since they contain visual similar to does when you trip. I could enjoy those videos and they didnt bother me. Some music sounds clearer and more pleasent...as it used to be. I have some kinda feeling going on, even more reality way of feeling. Relate to past dates when my HPPD was really severe etc.


I know this has been mentioned before but never read those posts. I find this really interesting anyway. I know you are not supposed to pop Ibuprofen like that but i am going to research this for a couple of weeks on the recommenden of-the shelf- dose.


Feel free to write thoughts/experiences.

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