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i just found out i have hppd


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I am 17 years old and after i went to the music festival electric forest I noticed the symptoms for this were extremely noticeable befor I went there they were there but not as bad at the festival I ate and 8th of mushrooms the first night the second night I ate 2 ten strips and a gram of almost pure lab tested mdma and and then end if the festival I noticed that I was still hallucinating very hard and just had there overpowering sense of something being wroung the people I went with insisted I went to the hospital I spent 5 days there and I went mentally insane talking to myself seeing things fly around my head the hole time they kept me in a completely black room to not stimulate me and that drove me to insanity I have went to different doctors therapist ect and they all agree that in my case it is hppd I am finding it very hard to do basic daily tasks I can not remember something for more than 5-10sec befor I have no idea what I was even thinking about it has completely ruined my life and I don't no what to do it is a challenge to even type this out without auto correct because I can not see my keyboard straight all the letter are moving it is affecting me in every way of my life and I can't handle it

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