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Hearing and Physical?

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My visual symptoms are as such floaters in my right eye, "snowy" or "foggy" vision, movement of letters when reading, unable to really look at someone when talking to them due to my brain i dont know not being able to realize all parts of face as 1 or over analyzing 1 part IDK, and not instantly realizing what things are generally my hands........

Those are my visual symptoms but what i havnt really found is other senses being affected my personal hearing symptoms are extreme tinnitus in my left ear, sometimes dont know where sounds are coming from, and occasional surround sound, the tinnitus is so bad that ive probably lost half of the hearing in that ear, ive been attributing this to stress from the visual problems but....

My physical symptoms are that occasionally on bad days,"example".. if i touch my arm or face i dont instantly feel on both ends so i my brain doesnt realize im touching a part of me but i know i am which is very scary on days where vision is worst..., also ill get extreme tightness in my lower back or chest which im quite sure is stress related but just throwing out there in case of otherwise..

I have had other symptoms such as lights flashing when i close my eyes in a dark room but they passed fortunately... The psychological effects are the hardest!!

My point of this is i am wondering if anyone else has symptoms other than visual and any advice is much appreciated....Ive only been suffering since march of 2010 but finding this forum has lifted my spirit immensly..... Thanks

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Well, keep up your spirits. It helps a lot to know others have similar problems. When people think you are making it up – it is depressing, isolating, and increases anxiety.

There are lots of people having symptoms beyond visuals. Your symptoms being more severe on one side than the other certainly indicates some weird injury. Since doctors don’t see anything on their tests (have you had EEG, MRI, etc…?) it is good news since it means the problem is minor – even though living with it is not minor. Some stuff you relate sound like very mild seizure type stuff.

The best thing is healthy living: good food, good sleep, no recreational drugs, exercise, and friends. And finding ways to rehabilitate parts that are not working so well. You are probably already doing this stuff.

I also have tinnitis. One rehab treatment for my eyes involves looking at a dim light in a dark room. Within 2 minutes, tinnitis grows loud. It does this only when looking at green or blue, but not red (another of life’s oddities).

Getting your anxiety under control is important. Not only does it feel like hell, it continues to put a stress on your brain and body. You already mention this being a problem. I suffer terrible anxiety that docs say is from a brain injury and not purely psychological. And take meds to help. This may be something to consider – though be cautious about SSRIs or anti-psychotics as these don’t usually help HPPD stuff (though a few are helped).

What have your doctors said?

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I have had extensive blood work drawn and 2 cat scans. All to no avail. I havent gotten the chance to talk to docters about hppd ive only just learned that this is the 99percent sure explanation recently but ive been making appointments to see if my physician or psychiatrist know of it or to tell them of it

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Those symptoms sound tough and scary man my condolences...do you have trails and afterimages as well?

Also which drugs gave you hppd?

Ive had brief bouts of tinnitus, but now it's gone, my only ear symptom is that when i swallow my right ear pops as if it were adjusting to a change in pressure, which is strange. When it was at its worse I would occasionally get pains in my jaw, and it would always click, even went as far as dislocating it once while eating, but fortunately it settled again somehow.

And yea, i suffer from physical pains as well, ive also felt lower back strain.

Never had problems with surround sound, only one time when i had a full on flashback and it felt like there was a wah wah pedal connected to my brain it was horrible.

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i get that aswell, with my brain not feeling both parts of me, like wenever i hav an its it feels like someone else is scratching it, like my hands are numb :S

and also the tittanus, if im right about it being ringing in your ears (?) but only in the left

and i get this thing where if i lip my lips or my teeth its like the 2 blend in as 1, and my visuals increase dramatcially for that few seconds, and my anxiety goes through the roof, although thats got alot rarer recently, and is just something that happened to me after id come down from my bad trip, but still couldnt sleep, wuite specific to me i think maybe?

oh and my skin on my hands feeling overly soft? like cushiony almost

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