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"Energy" Work/Qigong/Yoga deep breathing


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What worked with me was doing a lot of yoga, qigong and deep breathing exercises.  


I don't believe they have anything to do with science/medicine or I don't exactly want to go into how they work nor do I care, but they have more to do with my emotional state, and thus about lowering the anxiety and stress levels that amplify my HPPD symptoms and also allowing for room for my body to heal.  I have been feeling 70% amelioration and relief of my symptoms.  It starts with breathing at the lower stomach, that is really the first step.  Able to breath long, expanding on the inhale and contracting out. Basically this is the fundamental of qigong/yoga practices and then keeping in mind of the flow of "energy" and release of anxiety that circulate through out your body.  I just concentrate on the head and want to open up my lower body.


Simultaneously changing your thought and linguistic patterns help.  I have a feeling herbs like Lion's Mane or Gingko really synergize with these practices well.


IMO It's about dissolving the tightness and blockages to allow yourself to open up tactiley/sensually and in to allow your vision to open up

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Please trust me.  This is one of the only ways and most effective ways to get healed, and it takes dramatic effort and concentration on your part. You will be fighting for your life, so you will have to follow these practices thoroughly.  I had my episode that caused HPPD in and I live in the SF Bay Area, so there has been almost 50 years of experience with thousands of people dealing with HPPD symptoms and they usually get into these types of practices, since it's logical.  Since, these things are everywhere there is no other choice as an HPPD sufferer than to take advantage of these things

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It sounds exellent..


Im a very wholistic.. my hppd has forced me to be..


Im Intrested in Bio - Energetics




This is something i want to and will pay more attention to, and start to incorperate it as a discipline into my daily routine. Even Bruce Lee was a practitioner of Chi Kung..


as well as this is a good book on Chi Kung




there is a popular guy on U Tube - Elliot Hulse.. he is an advocate and teacher of Bio Energetics and Chi Kung.. He is always telling people to

"Breathe into your Balls"




As far as i am aware , beep breathing activates the "relaxation response" instead of "figh or flight" (stress response)


Many benefits..


Good post, thanks for shareing!

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