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Sinemet 250/25mg,dosage?

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So,I recently found that here in Brazil Carbidopa/Levodopa can be bought without prescription,and I was thinking about buying it to give it a try,the thing is: here the dosage is 250/25mg and not 125/25,so it's 250 levodopa and 25 carbidopa I think.

Anyone who took it can suggest me a dosage to start and how many times a day?(probably 2 right?)

My symptons:

Slight Static
DR/DP(worst feeling ever...I hate to live in a no-depth 2D world...things look so flat,feels like I'm in a video-game sometimes,sometimes I feel I'll lose my mind/control or whatsoever)
Anxiety(I had severe Panic disorder,now I remain with GAD)

Purkinje Tree(being able to see your own retina with flashes/bright lights)
Mild Closed Eye Hallucinations
Blurry Vision
Star Bursting


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[ Generalized reply (been gone for a while) ]


When trying any med, it is best to go slow and be patient.  Even a helpful med can be unpleasant if the initial dose it too high.  Most meds have side effects.  With HPPD, each symptom has it's med and dosage preference, so it ends up being finding the most benefit with the least side-effects ... and prioritizing what you want to treat (for example, anxiety is just one symptom and is typically the most disabling of the symptoms of HPPD)


But before one can decide on the dose-to-symptom equation, one needs to find out how each med affects them.  With this in mind ...


Based on most common starting dose of Sinemet - 25/100  (25mg carbidopa + 100mg levodopa)


Start with 1/2 pill a day, in the morning for 2-3 days.

Then 1/2 pill in the morning and 1/2 pill in the afternoon for 2-3 days.

Continue (increase 1/2 pill a day every few days) until you feel better, worse or reach 3 pills a day.


Don't go beyond 3 pills per day (75mg carbidopa and 300mg levodopa).  If you have negative side effects or little benefit, then taking this med by itself isn't for you.


It is common for dopamine to increase agitation, so if it helps your HPPD symptoms, then you need to take something calming to compensate for agitation.  Personally I find that it is calming but one is left with a weaker agitation that still needs to be addressed.


Hopefully you will be one who benefits ...

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