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Derealization causes visual snow

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so for the last couple of days I've been on the verge of insanity, getting off likns mane and an antibiotic because one is making me feel insane, worsening my symptoms and giving me depersonalization. Upon looking up de realization, i read on multiple occasions that's VISUAL SNOW IS A SYMPTOM OF DEREALIZATION! I have noticing idea how that works but my visual snow is my worst symptom and has slowly become my only symptom. Does derealization really cause visual snow? And will getting rid of it affect the snow?

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lions mane has no more effect on me and even at times it has affected me it was just in a positive way...notice that lions mane has absolutely no drug like effects its just a suppliment.


realize that dp/dr is an anxiety disorder and it starts like this:   severe shocking anxiety => trauma => dp/dr


so if you find a way to release trauma you wont have any automated fight, flight, freeze response coming from your brain that means you have resolved internal conflicts and you will be able to turn your attention to the outside world without going crazy or being anxious.


cause what most people dont know is that the shitty vision coming with dp/dr is panic realted its a symptom of a brain being in panic mode..due to the brain has to do with anxiety and has no attention left for anything else..its blocking.


the answer is yes visual snow will get better when dp/dr is over but it will never be over when you obsess and dont touch the root of the problem which is quite difficult since people with dr/dr mostly cant belive and deny its an anxiety issue.


my visual snow is a lot better now but i still didnt come over anxiety completely and have to deal with some snow.  

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