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Green Tea Rules (decaf)

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Green Tea has helped me so much. I feel it right now and I feel awesome :D it seriously reduced my mental illness


-decrease anxiety/depression SIGNIFICANTLY 

-lemon in the tea REDUCES BRAIN FOG(potassium), and the lemon helps break up the theanine or something, it helps

-helps manage my ADHD symptoms.  

-helps me meditate/yoga


Note it has some caffiene.



IDK if it affects my visuals because I dont check to see.



I heard the half-life is 3 hours, so its allegedly fully out of ones system after 6 hours. (the amounts of caffeiene stay for like 10+ hours i think which is the only annoying part)



So i reccomend that when the l-theanine wears off(active ingrediant), then eat some valerian root to try to counteract the caffiene. 

(l-theanine counteracts the anxious effects of caffiene)



L-theanine in green tea increases dopamine while increases GABA, so more focus, less anxiety. best combo  ever :D

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When you beat up l-theanine it has stronger affects, beyond that I think the 2-6 mg of caffeine in it are just enough to kind of activate the reception but not overload it, I feel good with a little caffeine but like a coca cola bottle amount (50 mg) makes me feel schizo

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green thea is worsing my symtomps i did try 4x concentraded green tea and i start to flasing buth its 3 years passed it was in the begining of my hppd/psychoses i use anti psygotics so it does the other wise effect

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