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Reading a recent topic on the thosewithvisualsnow forums...


It appears someone has found relief with 3 supplements/drugs(not sure whether they are classed as pharms or supps or semi synthetics) two racetams Piracetam and Aniracetam with also glutamine.

I looked into both racetams a bit vaugley but it seems there could be some weight towards the Aniracetam helping. It has action on the 5-HT2a receptors, which I from basic research think the visuals and most other symptoms stem from, it also has anxiolytic effect, which I think most people with this condition can benefit from.

I also think the benifit for seizure with Piracetam may be a benefit to us too.

Keppra also being a racetam has benefited some HPPDer's.

So what do you guys think about racetams? Any personal expiriences? I have seen people talk about them on the old board. I would like to try them either way for the anxiolytic properties (anxiety being my main and most dissabling symptom) but I also think there could be some benefit for the visuals here.

Also just to note, it's interesting glutamine helps synergize these supps/drugs, to the people here if you have tried these, also ad whether you supplemented with this also.

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Tried Piracetam for a few weeks and it seemed to work in some aspects at first. But suddenly things got worse. Felt strange® mentally and got increased VS. Stopped taking it and was back to normal after two weeks.

Btw its mechanism of action is nothing like Keppra, or levetiracetam.

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