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I think I know whats causing my HPPD.. Help me get to the bottom.


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Hi Guys, looking for some brain chemistry knowledge here pertaining to my HPPD and what's causing the problem to continue.  I wrote a detailed post describing my first triggering moment which you can find here (http://hppdonline.com/index.php?/topic/4106-bad-ecstasy-experience-terrible-damage/) Since then, I've realized how important a role sex and orgasm is to my problem.


One thing I realized was that I actually had sex just BEFORE taking the pill.  And, now I'm wondering, was the flood of neurochemicals already in circulation responsible for the hyper-reaction I had on it?  In other words, because I had just provoked a flood of chemicals in my brain (i.e. dopamine) by having sex, did I punish my receptors by adding the pill in right after?  What could this have done to the receptors?


What's really stunning, is now I can see how when I have an orgasm through masturbation or sex, I have a worsening of my symptoms for days following.  The provoked reaction is 20x worse if I have TWO orgasms in the same day.  So I now limit myself to no more than one orgasm a day and now go more days in between cause I feel much better.


Also, I've tried a couple of supplements that are initially a HUGE help to me. They are Bilberry, Dandelion Root and Wobenzyme.  I can feel instant relief from these supplements in almost all areas of my symptoms (except for visual distortions), but everything else is wonderful.  However, after a day off the supplements, my prior symptoms of muscle tightness, fatigue, shooting pains, mood swings, paleness, etc... come back 10x worse than they were before I take the supplement   As you can see, that means I can't continue to take them.


However, I'm wondering now if the major flare-up reaction I'm having to these supplements is caused by having an orgasm WHILE I'm on them.  So, I'm thinking that the supplement is doing something to my nervous system, perhaps blocking a certain receptor or something, and I have an orgasm, causing an extra flood of some kind of chemical thats getting backed up in my brain and when the supplement wheres off, I have a ton of chemicals floating around in hyper-mode.. Or something like this, can you see where I'm trying to go with this?


I know there is some connection with Cortisol.  Because, I took Finasteride (Propecia the hair loss drug) and had full resolution of my symptoms, but do to side effects I had to stop.  And, I learned that blocking 5-a reductase is a way of curbing cortisol.  I've also read of others who have something called POIS (Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome).  But, no one mentions visual snow and palinopsia like me.


I'm unique in that my palinopsia is getting better and is actually a direct measure of how bad my other symptoms are.  So, as that improves, I feel better.  But, I've been battling a 6 year flare-up caused by what I now believe is having multiple orgasms in one day while using opiates and Flonase. It might sound strange to think Flonase could cause me issues, but its action works on the a-adrenergic receptors, and this causes some kind of response to my nervous system that it does not like at all.


OK, can anyone maybe throw in some thoughts about the orgasm and brain chemicals, and perhaps how all of this is effecting my neurotransmitters.  Maybe what I can do to curb this?  Just want to mention again that Ecstasy and weed were the main culprits in starting all this, so I'm sure the dopaminergic/serotonin system is playing some role in this.

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