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Every medication is useless. READ THIS IF YOU ARE NEW TO HPPD.


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Human knowledge is on it's childhood when the subject is our brain. It's fair to say WE DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT OUR BRAIN YET.

Brain-targetted drugs work by entering our bloodstream and reacting chemically with our brain, disrupting it's normal functioning. They usually target a 'specific' group of neurons based on the type of neurotransmitter they use (serotonin, dopamine, etc), and some, by luck, changes our brain's functioning in a desired way. Caffeine speeds our brain up; THC makes us relaxed; antidepressives hinders our emotions; anxiolitics makes us drowsy etc.

But neurotransmitters are just a tool used by neurons in communication and have nothing to do with specific functions. The number of different neurotransmitters is WAY smaller than the number of functions of our brain. So how can our remedies, that select neurons by kind of neurotransmitter, target specific functions? It's impossible.

So caffeine doesn't speed our brain up. Caffeine changes the functioning of our entire brain and one of it's effects is speeding our brain up. Benzodiazepines slows down or entire brain including parts related to anxiety and formation of afterimages.

What I wanna say with that is that, yes, we can find some remedies that alliviate some symptoms of HPPD but they will NOT cure it, they alliviation will be mild and to achieve this they will disrupt the whole functioning of our brain. Is it worth? Or better yet: is trying more and more random molecules the the right way of addressing the problem? Or even better: if you were to fix something broken would you throw random stuff at it?

Think about it.

If you want a cure, I can give you the cure: knowledge. Buy a book on neurology, neural networks, biology, anything, and start studying now. The REAL CURE EXISTS. It's just hidden and we have to find it. I'm searching. Will you help me?

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