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Mental Illness No More. HPPD, yes.

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I cured like 90-97% of my mental illness. And I will recover fully 


Through meditation, yoga, journaling, running, and shit like that. 


Its about confronting the scary thoughts rather than pushing them away, essentially dissociating from them. I believe that is what causes DP. 


What helped alot was smoking weed. It made my visuals way worse though. OG kush from cali, a sativa. brought up the unconscious thoughts and made it easier to deal with them . I was tripping balls on weed lol. 


But meditating on weed at the beach for hours straight helped soooooo much. 


Ooh and journaling. And not blaming oneself, causing guilt. 


Anyways, after about 3 months of this approach, I feel myself again. for the most part :)



im too lazy to write more, so comment/message if u have questions:). 


P.s. I still have HPPD buts it seems to   be decreasing every day. 

Maybe Im just noticing it less cuz less anxietty about it? idk. same thing to be honest


If u have DP, heres the cure in my opinion http://www.psychforu...topic80021.html and i recomend reading this  https://en.wikipedia...Disintegration    and this: http://depersonalizationrecovery.com/articles/depersonalization-cure-tip-3-trauma/

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-sleep patterns (quality, consistant) super important in general.

-eat healthy (organic, low sugar, sodium, fats, etc..) dont overeat/binge eat. watch out for sugary drinks!

-excersize! like running. lifting weights is good too. (promotes growth of new brain cells.) skateboarding, sports, (try not to break a bone)

-healthy relationships. I was emotionally abused and this elongated my recovery. that alone causes DP. (emotional support does wonders)

-abstain from masturbation (important!) (testosterone helps build muscle[helps excersize], I also think I read that testosterone builds confidence. its what makes males do risky things I think like pick up girls. sex drive too.)

-sex. I havent tried. but im sure it helps anxiety, depression, DP. 


I also read that PTSD'ers and DP'ers can have up to 25% less volume in the Hippocampus in the brain! From all the stress. Cortisol, stress hormone, when too much, erodes the brain. Excersize releases endorphines which i think helps that .

  • Abstain from masturbation. More testosterone = less cortisol (i read that somewhere) so the less  u jack off, the less stress!
  • Confidence, self esteem:


Confidence, healthy self esteem play a huge role in overcoming anxiety , depression, and DP.


Because: Have to be confident to live your life and not look back. Visuals arent that big a big deal, people just tend to obsess about them. 


Be confidence enough to: live life without constantly checking symptoms. 



*I think that curing HPPD is about not being anxious about the visuals. to not obsess about them. to not fear them. Once u learn to ignore/forget about them as much as possible, they will start to go away. 

Constantly  checking on them seems to reinforce them. Thats the concencus on Shroomery.

Building confidence - practice being spontaneous

  • meditation - mindfulness, positive self-talk. dont focus on the negative. !Very important! (this was maybe the biggest factor in my mental illness recovery, especially depression.)Google how to meditate. also increases posture which is VERY IMPORTANT.
  • Yoga (Goes along with meditation) a stretched out body means less tension, less stress. less blood pressure.
  • dancing, chanting. (Very helpful!!!)
  • artwork/poetry
  • quality time with family/friends who care about you
  • body language. (subconscious). How is your posture? Are you smiling? Glaring your forehead?(I read that actually increases stress)


Bravery too. So work on getting out of confort zone instead of being bed ridden, depressed, looking at walls. 



I also noticed that people dont wanna hang out with a depressed person sometimes. So sometimes u gotta work on yourself before people will wanna hang out with you. thats just how it works. u may bring others down if ur depressed. 






  • Valerian root
  • magnesium
  • vitamin b-12(idk if this actually works)
  • fish oil
  • Valerian root

           *I also reccomend Essential Oils. Seems religeous, but like meditation, it helps a LOT, seriously. I also meditate with them. Smells. I reccomend Lavender. It decreases anxiety. and it smell good :). google that if interested. helps me sleep too. its like a xanax hahahaha. but not as intense :P no side effects. natural. 




Get rid of the victim mentality. That will only do harm. Get control of your life. I had to do this, it was hard. Stop the self-pity. trust me. It  helps in every aspect of life too :)

~Many of these things are good for life in general. good for decreasing stress

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