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Cause of HPPD/DP?

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found this on shroomery. quote, "Relax.

HPPD is an after effect that persists in people that didn't manage to deal with all the surfacing material during the trip. The trip opened up a mental system of past experiences, asociations and resulting character traits. Stan Grof called this a Condensed Experience (CoEx). He claimed that a CoEx needed to be worked through completely before the psychedelics could have a healing effect. In some patients that took only a single session. In others it took many.

He noticed that all negative after effects from a psychedelic session were related to CoEx's being activated but not fully working through them. These after effects included HPPD, anxiety, depersonalisation, psychosomatic physical pains and such. He would do another session with the patient as soon as possible, while the activated CoEx was still at the surface.

I don't suggest you run off to do so. But, I do suggest you read Stan Grof's book LSD Psychotherapy in which he explains his views.

Another member of this board recently posted an experience here that lined up with Grof's views. His thread title was something like: "Realy good trip cured me of my HPPD!". I didn't post in his thread so I can't find it for you.

Good luck. You'll be fine."



Interesting. IDK if its true but it definitly fits.




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