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Anyone with DP/DR must read this.


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I didn't know who that guy was in the reflection of the mirror of myself.

I couldn't understand who I was when looking on any picture of me taken pre or post-HPPD.

I couldn't recognize my family's faces.

I saw everyone human being as fierce and dangerous with their worst expressions.

I was a floating head on an empty bed every night.


I don't have anything of this anymore. It's 100% gone. I don't even think about DP/DR anymore.



LethargicAcid linked me this:




I can't relate more or agree more with this guy or girl. This is kind of how it went for me too except for the religious and spiritual parts as I tend to relate to physics instead.


DP/DR is not a part of HPPD. It is, and has been proven, a secondary psychological symtom, which is treatable. I've talked to so many doctors, psychologists and psychiatrist that have cured many sufferers without medication.


Keep fighting, talk to people, live your tragic but different life. Accept your pain and let go. This worlds owes us nothing. It's all about what you create.

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