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L-Theanine (Green Tea) - effect on visuals

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It is calming and an ADHD treatment. 



I think it made my after images worse after using it all of the time. (its impossible to know, though)




What do u guys think?


It increases dopamine and GABA i guess... too lazy to research though



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I'm drinking a cup of japanese green tea called Drake right now. It's one of the most delicious green teas out there that's 100% pure and contains a high amount of L-theanine.


I've been drinking it for over 5 months now, one cup in the morning and one at night. It gives a pleasant effect and it helps a lot. I can't comment on how it does effect the visuals but it has helped me on the psychological illnesses that comes with HPPD such as anxiety, depression and DP/DR. I do not have these problems anymore. And my visuals has been slowly decreasing during this year, either thanks to Keppra or due adaptation or that my HPPD is slowly dying out. When it started I'd say I had all common visuals, as severe as 8/10 scale. Today I'd say I'm down a 30% reduction.

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Straight L-theanine is a good sleep aid.  I drink sencha (Japanese green tea) most mornings.  Had to cut back on the amount of leaf I put in lately as I'm having heart palpitation issues but I haven't noticed any increase in anything from tea or theanine supplements.


For max health benefit it should be loose leaf green tea from Japan (you'll need a teapot called a kyusu). 


The most antioxidants and theanine are found in the powdered green tea called matcha.  You mix the powder with a whisk in a bowl so you're actually ingesting the leaf itself.  It's a little "too" potent for me though- it washes the meds right out of my system after a few days of it.  No joke.


I like www.o-cha.com

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