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-inanimate objects are alive

-faces within objects like clouds/trees


-IDK what else lol, dont feel like thinking about it


Havent smoked in a week. visuals went down. now everything i look at isnt a face anymore


Well I accepted my vision for the most part. 


I do not have constant anxiety anymore I guess.


IDK if I have DP anymore cuz i was dissociated like since 8th grade(dysfunctional family, bullying) but I feel emotions and stuff. The key was to force myself to stop having existential questioning, and accept visuals




meditation yoga and just facing my fear (which was scary and hard and took a while) is what did it




So yeah it feels nice to be able to sleep :) without freaking out after I see a visual lol. 





Now Im gonna wait a year to see if I get completely cured. Does anyone get 100% cured?



~8 months HPPD, finally accepted(i guess)

had a dream that i was on acid last night lol. (i miss acid)

I always have weird ass dreams like "Inception" the movie, dreams within dreams 



Question: is there anyone who has accepted their visuals and still gets anxiety from them? 

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i have hppd now for 5 month, sometimes i think that some of us hppd people have dp/dr disorder (im not sure) because these disturbances could have also been triggered by drugs or other traumatic expieriences and could also cause visuals as a symptom


i accepted my vision and i get rarely anxiety from...but significantly less then before and it still gets better


i will also try meditation and started taking lions mane extract powder 3 days ago (it seems to do something good for me but cant tell where it leads me due to short time of intake)


there is something else many people recommend and it is CBD they say it doesnt make them high but calms down and even has a decreasing effect on hppd symptoms..think ill give it a try next


opiates seem to make most of hppd sufferers feel like 90% better or even cured..seems to be correct tryed opium and felt great (no negative after effects)


i have wierd dreams about taking psychedelics and smoking pot too, i feel with you..i miss psychs and weed like crazy..damn what did we do to deserve this fucking illness


i wish you all the best man and hope you get well

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