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HPPD + haloperidol

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I made a thread in the pharmacological section but received no reply so i'm making one here.
I have hppd caused from LSD and my doctor prescribed me heloxen 5 ( haloperidol ), is that medication appropriate for hppd? 
Is hppd curable? I'm staying away from any drugs except nicotine, does nicotine affect it?

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no nicotine dont effect hppd buth if you quit its better for you i taka also anti psygotics i think it make my hppd worser

What antipsychotics are you currently taking my friend? So far i've tried:

*risperdal : i wasn't clean on it, i was smoking weed and drinking alcohol but i believe it made my hppd worse

*zyprexa: didn't try it for long but it was making me fat, sleep a lot, and blurred my vision so i didn't see my hallucinations but they were still there.

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