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cure hppd

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swim was wondering if there is a real chance of curing hppd...because swim has had terrible hppd for 4 month now...and he took suppliments all the time and nothing happened to his symptoms until he found out that he could controll hes hppd somehow even though it was sometimes difficult for him to keep at it and not sliding back into dp/dr,migraine,panic,suicidal thoughts,hypothermia (the list goes on but these were the most insane symptoms)...and since 2 weeks it is getting extremely better because of his sudden awareness and hes will to fight all this crap

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swim was reading nearly everything about hppd thats on the internet and has collected a bunch of knowledge out of it....he is also a guinea pig of hes own research...even though he had and still has a wide variety of the most desturbing and life disrupting symptoms but never the less he is still struggling for hes betterment...if he will notice one day that he is not able to get completely rid of hes hppd hes going to end hes life and start a new one as he has the feeling that there might be another realm of existence maybe this could be the only help...but he will not give up right now...he will let a little time pass and also try lions mane mushroom because he has read about it and hes brain injury is only almost 5 month ago so there could be a chance for lions mane to recover hes 5htp2 receptor and make hes brainchemistry work again as used to....


yes he will read a bit on hppdonline.com to complete hes knowledge a bit more

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