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HPPD? PTSD? Or something else?

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Hi everyone,


I had a really awful time on weed nearly two weeks ago now. It was my first time smoking, and I took two quite large puffs. It was ok at first, but then I felt incredibly nauseated and sleepy. I then started to fall in and out of reality; seemed to be slipping in and out of a dream, and panicked. I eventually pulled out of it, but ever since I've been having symptoms that seem consistent with some form of HPPD or Post Traumatic Stress, so I thought I'd post for some clarity and/or advice.


The most notable is an obvious increase in light sensitivity. It's not in itself debilitating, but I get lingering flashes, particularly of fluorescent lights. I also get quite a lot of static in the dark, and now notice floaters where I never did before. I could probably deal with these in themselves, but there also seems to be a slight perception alteration in general, in particular when I go outside, where I just feel quite dreamy. It gets quite distressing, and I have been having pretty bad anxiety and a depressive mood during this time, including obsessive thoughts constantly about how I'm feeling, starting from the moment I get up to when I go to bed, exhausted from worry.


I've been getting panicky feelings, but managing to control them quite well by managing my breathing, and sleep has been no problem (I'm that exhausted from worry I fall asleep pretty much straight away, although the first few nights after the trip my pounding heart wouldn't let me drift off, and I'd jolt awake in disoriented terror - although, as I said, these have dissipated since). Cognitively I'm fine - memory's good, can have conversations fine, and my emotions are there but quite up and down


Any thoughts and advice would be much appreciated. I've done a lot of reading around and hope this is a temporary case, as I seem to be managing it better than I was, but it's still quite distressing. Thanks.


(N.B - 20 years old, smoking with two others who had no bad reaction or lingering effects. No history of other drug use other than alcohol and caffeine)

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Ok so it's been two weeks since I posted and glad to say I'm in a much better place mentally than I was. The depressed and panicked feelings have all but gone and there's still some residual anxiety/nausea/dizziness but nothing I can't handle. The light sensitivity and occasional halos are still there pretty much as they were but it's getting easier and easier to ignore them. I've had a couple of DR episodes in stressful situations which is the thing that's most concerning me now, but I guess the only thing is try not to worry about it and they should become fewer and fewer in time. Hopefully I notice some improvement in the coming months - if I do get to a stage where my symptoms (admittedly, relatively mild, but still) significantly diminish or disappear entirely I'll be sure to post in the success stories section. I'm going to carry on eating healthily and avoiding caffeine and (sadly) alcohol as much as possible, and of course, never touch anything harder than that ever again. Otherwise I'll probably try and stay away from the forum as I feel, helpful as it's been, there's not much more it can do for me other than restart up some unnecessary anxiety! Good luck to everyone else on here who is suffering from this far worse than I am. 

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