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can someone explain to me common HPPD terms?

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so I have personally been doing my own research on HPPD to see if I have it myself. but really it's only been on this website that I have seen lots of 'terms' that I don't quite understand. I've had to search to figure out what the terms meant. like visual snow, I didn't quite understand that one. plus I know there's terms I haven't even heard of yet. so I was just wondering if someone could explain to me all the terms that are commonly used to describe symptoms of HPPD. that would be really helpful because then I can put words to what I've been experiencing. sorry if there's already a thread like this. but if you respond, thank you so much (:

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Most terms you can get an explanation on Google.


For example this is visual snow:




Right now for me, with closed eyes, is something like 1/8 the severity of this, very little snow, most of my vision is black but very small purple points.




In my worst moments I saw something like this when I closed the eyes:




Initially my HPPD had few symptoms. It was mostly a joke. I continued taking drugs and found myself in a pretty bad mental condition one-two years later. Being sober and leading a healthy life is what you need to do if you want to continue with a normal life. Don't take risks with drugs anymore.

yeah I knew I could google most terms but it is nice to get definitions from those who are actually experiencing the symptoms. thank you for the images that was really nice to see! and yes I agree, that's the best thing anyone could do. unfortunately it's just not something I know if I'm ready for yet.

thank you so much!

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That's reassuring.

How long did it take for the photophobia to go?

I too had my first bout of HPPD when I was 18. It was pretty mild and went away.

I'm 34 now with this recurrence. It's much harder to deal with once you have a career, expenses, responsibilities, etc. IMO.

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well dont forget hppd contains much more than visual symptoms there are several other physical symptoms i have and would exchange them for visuals at any time because they're so crippling

what physical symptoms do you experience?

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