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How come this isn't on Tapatalk? or is it?

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hey! so I'm new here. I have an iPhone 6 so I just have to view this from Safari. it's not my preferred way of doing things. I visit another community online very often as well. the website is the exact same set up as this one, it's just for eating disorders instead lol. Tapatalk is an app that allows you to easily access any online forums. I have the one for eating disorders and you can follow threads, follow sections, and you get alerts directly to your phone. it's amazing. so is there a way to find this website on tapatalk? if not then I really suggest the creators of this site figure out how to go about getting their site on tapatalk! because I'm not sure how all that works lol. but I think it'd be super useful for all of the users here. I'm gonna attach screen shots of how the app looks. I didn't want to show it with the community I'm apart of for personal reasons, so I just clicked a random forum and took screen shots lol.

but like especially with the community I am apart of, we weren't able to get apple or anyone to make an app especially for what the site is about because well it's basically promoting actions of eating disorders. so this tapatalk app is like amazing because we basically get an app anyway (: hope this all makes sense I'm typing this while I'm really tired and I'm too lazy to go back and proof read lol.

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