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New Symptom - Seeing Faces Everywhere

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This is probly the worst symptom that anyone can possibly get from HPPD.


I look at ANYTHING and my brain will turn the static into a face the compliments what I'm looking at.



It is annoying. I dont care much about the static, but seeing faces everywhere is annoying. I will just do my best to ignore it and not pay attention to it. 



I was on dabs yesterday and looked at a tree and I was sure that there was a face on it.


Does anyone else see faces everywhere..? A doctor at a mental institute forced me to take antipsychotics cuz he was sure that I was developing schizophrenia -.- thinking he knows everything



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yes me too...but my faces have nothing to do with any static or hppd because i see faces out of my doorglass and i can also see them nearly out of everything that doesnt have a smooth surface but thats just altered perception because i see them since the third time i took psychedelics and this is so long ago....man i bet i took about a 100 trips since then so if that would have anything to do with hppd or even a warning sign of it i think i would have developed it much earlier after my third trip...and by the way...i love these crazy monster faces


in other words faces out of surfaces are normal but faces out of static seem to be a more severe hppd symptom (static) combined with fantasy.

and i have only mild staic since my onset but never enough to make me see faces or anything out of it.

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the faces are not terrible to me because i like them very much...but as i told you i bet everyone who used psychedelics is able to see them so its just altered perception. for me the most terrible symptoms are dizzyness, hypothermia, dp/dr, eye pressure, a little nosebleeding but every day, less sleep, depression, feeling exhausted every and all day and i hate that i cant do what i love so much (smoking weed and taking other awareness expanding drugs) on the top of all that....so i cant understand how one could freak out so much about some faces seen out of irregular structure of surfaces or static...even though if i wouldnt love them they seem to be nothing against severe symptoms

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